Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Published....So easy, a caveman could do it.

A friend of mine recently had the privilege of reviewing a manuscript.

He toiled and grimaced and went through the entire thing with much more diplomacy than I (and several other individuals I could name), and shared some of the effort with me.

And I must say, I was...

It was...

Okay, Syd, time to be tactless.

It sucked. It sucked like a truck stop...Well, you know.

See, I can be somewhat graceful.


Whoever wrote that is either oblivious to the laws of writing.

There are things you don't do, that you just KNOW you don't do, by instinct.

Writers have this instinct, whether or not they know they do, they do.

And this guy just broke ALL OF THEM. IN ONE GO.


So what does this mean, loyal readers?

It means I can too. :)

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  1. u only say this because u are into creative arts, people break the rules all the time and end up being hailed as unique. Maybe that's what he was going for :D