Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ethnicities in Writing

I'm one of those genealogy buffs. At least one friend can attest that if I hear an ethnic name, I will go GAGA for it. No idea why. But this carries on into my writing, where you get last names like Lipsky, Delacroix....(The former being Polish, the latter being French). I think it's because there's some sort of majesty in their names. There's a history behind them, a meaning. Usually poetic. For instance, 'Delacroix' means 'of the cross'. The character's name translates to 'Reborn of the cross'. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I actually think I know why. Basically, I know nothing about my family. With the exception of my parents and I and a few scattered family members of varying hierarchy. Aunts, uncles by marriage, cousins, etc.

With other names, there's a story to tell.

I guess.

I dunno.

It made sense in my head.

Current counts, not counting words that were struck through:
Pages: 19
Words: 6,390
Chapters: 2


  1. wow, you're the first one I've seen using "genealogy" as your "buffs", not sure what the latter means.

  2. I know what you mean. I wish I could trace my lineage back from my mother's side to see where they came from. Same with my father - my last name is a pretty common one where he is from, even though it is Chinese and he was born in the Philippines.