Friday, August 6, 2010

Floridians Are Freaky

Okay, okay, so maybe the PEOPLE aren't freaky, but I loves me some alliteration.

I work at McD's.

Every once in a while we get a batch of new recruits.

So I was making nice with this new girl, introducing myself.

I forget the exact details of the conversation (you will find out why in a moment, dear reader(s), I assure you), but this struck me as just...beyond the pale unbelievable.

I belong to a group of Kim Possible fans who emigrated from a now-defunct site called TV Tome (it's now and is far inferior to the original site). One of the other members there who has been mentioned on this blog before (and undoubtedly will be several times from this point on, as I consider him my best friend [and he considers me his]) is from a small town in Florida.

I am from a small town in Indiana.

Comparing the two by size (Thank you Wikipedia, you normally-inaccurate but right-in-a-pinch gift from the Interwebz), my small town is about twice as big as his small town. Neither of our hometowns are towns you normally associate with the states of Indiana or Florida.

(Indiana, you think of Peyton Manning. Florida, you think of either Disney World or old people [no offense, cG].)

So it is by complete and incomprehensible luck that this girl has come to my McD's. We talk for a while, as I am working on counter and she is working on French fries.

So, as I said, we speak.

The topic of where she is from comes up.

"Bradenton? Did you say Bradenton?" I say, rather incredulously (and probably with a very ridiculous look on my face).

A million questions pop up. "Do you know cG?! Do you know cG's sister's real name?!"

(In order to protect their privacies, I have left their names out of this. I did not address them this way in conversation!)

"No," she says, but she wouldn't be surprised if they had met and she hadn't realized it.

Some hours later my shift ends and I go home. I immediately fire off an email to cG, a million things running through my brain. Have I been played? If you're going to lie about where you're from, why a small town like that? Why not Orlando? Why not Miami? Why not...?

He responds and is nearly as incredulous (I do so love that word, if you can't tell) as I am.

Just goes to show how...Oh, you know, I can't accurately put this into words so...

And yes, I am fully aware that I am evil. :)

Une monde comme notre es petit.......

*laughs maniacally*