Monday, February 22, 2010

A second rant and some ramblings

So, I'm pretty sure the only way I can actually keep up with this blog is to update it every day.

Considering the fact that I have little-to-no offline social life(*), this really shouldn't be too hard. Yeah.

So, not much has really changed in a day. Well, from a real-life perspective. Last night I found out one of my characters would be better suited being tossed and then absorbed into another, and lo and behold, once that happened it was like the floodgates had opened.

Just this one modification left me with a network of ideas, all branching out differently.

Okay, I'm so lying. There were really only like, two.

But it's all good, as long as I'm writing, I suppose.

Some stats.

As of now, Chapter 1 is finished and I'm supposed to wait for cG to kind of....extrapolate, I suppose. I'm cool with this, but it's like when you're a little kid and your mom just made cookies and you can't have one 'til after dinner.

I've dicked around with actually writing Chapter 2, and the prologue is still brainstorming.

I don't quite know where Chapter 3 is going yet, and maybe I'm not supposed to quite yet. My muse is an odd little bird.

I've got several things to keep me motivated. I think I found the perfect agent, and I feel like it's almost fate. She's from the Midwest, I'm from the Midwest (and she actually taught workshops at Purdue University, which is an hour or two away from me). She has the same taste in music, the same offbeat sense of humor that I do.

Well, anyway, I'm off to math class (eventually. I get to have a few more minutes of screwing around on the Internet first).

I really need some readers, so if anyone's interested, let me know.

Heck, at this point, I'll take spambots.

*I really don't want to be rude, but most people in the offline world that I have regular contact with are just inconsiderate. I swear to God, do you need to be right behind me on the sidewalk? This is not New York or Chicago, this is a university campus we're talking about. Half of the time when people do this stupid crap to me, I want to push my elbow out and jab them in the stomach.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Introduction, A Rant, Some Questions, and Some Answers

So, this is like, my ninth blog.

Mostly because I'm too damn lazy to actually finish a blog.

So, I don't really expect to have a big audience or anything, but it would certainly help.

So, to recap:

I'm Sydney. You can call me Syd, naco, Renee, Shrinkrae (don't ask), whatever.

I'm a college student. Right now I'm going to be a teacher so I can at least get some semblance of food, rather than banking everything on the slight chance I'll get published.

My parents want me to go into theater, and I really don't.

Bad experiences.

Plus, I don't really want to be on crew because I'm sure that would almost entirely entail climbing ladders, which I have a rational fear of (I say rational because I'm very small and have poor depth perception, so yeah).

Um. I guess I'd better tell you a bit about my writing.

Let me tell you something about its backstory first.

This novel has been in the works since sometime in '03-'04, when I was in 8th grade. My grades were tanking at that time, at least in one class. So I asked my old teacher if I could write a story for extra credit.

It had been an idea rolling around in my head for a while, about kids with superpowers.

Gawd, I can't believe that was seven years ago.

The novel now is much different, and I have a new muse.

The first muse was someone I thought of as a friend, and the relationship soon soured. Mostly because I was frustrated and dealing with too much at that time, and I went off on her. Which i feel very, very bad about to this day.

My new muse is a man who I have known since long before the first, and he has been even more helpful. They worked with me together on some occasions, but now I am glad that it is just us two.

He is very dear to me, and I believe that I realized this once he offered to make a movie of my novel. (You see, he just graduated from film school, and is now looking for a job in the industry)

Well, enough gushing.

Anyway. The new novel has nothing to do with superpowers (unless lesbianism is a super power. I am inclined to believe that cG, as I will call my new muse (I believe he would be most comfortable with this moniker), believes that lesbianism is indeed a superpower.

It also has sword fights, babies, mass murder, 10-year-old assassins, and pretty much everything except penguins.

So yeah.

I'm going to try to update this blog as often as I can.

Hopefully, all goes well.


Don't get run over.